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Welcome To Free2Use where making friends is what we help you do!! This is a bigger and better Free2Use than the last layout . At Free2Use, you can join a group, design your homepage, make new friends or keep in touch with current ones, find old crushes, draw a picture on another's whiteboard and much more! Our friendly staff want to help you with anything that you are confused about and also check for those pesky little people who show rude content that we don't like. Our staff also do not ask for your password, because (a) we already have it in our database (b) elephants never forget (or something along those lines). So, hope you enjoy our great website, Free2Use.





Free2Use Staff:

petra036 < - - Hi! I am not only staff, but I CREATED Free2Use. For free as well!

How To Contact Us:

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No Phone (yet) webmaster@free2use.5u.com
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Whiteboard drawings! It's the newest feature to Free2Use and we hope you all like it. You can even animate your drawings like never before! It's wild and crazy fun!

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